2 x Braid Fishing Line Multicoloured 300M -10Lb 20Lb 30Lb 40Lb 50Lb 60Lb 80Lb

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SKU: EGB1748-2

Size: 300m - 20lb Threshold
Colour: Assorted
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Braid fishing line features:
-resistant to water absorption
-thin diameter is great for accurate and long casting
-very sensitive with no stretch
-powerful with high energy
-superior abrasion resistance
-line is multicoloured
-fishing line spool for line tangling prevention
-line body is formed by high-density weaving. 5 times stronger than nylon

Braid fishing lines are good when fishing heavy water vegetation like lily pads, hydrilla, water hyacinths, and cattails. The braid will cut through the stems of most of these plants, keeping the fish from tangling you up, so you will land fish that you would lose with other lines.

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