20 Pack X Crystal Soil Water Beads Jelly Ball Vase Filler Home Wedding

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Size: 10grams
Colour: Black
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These are an inexpensive method of making your vases or decorative bottles/glasses look amazing!These crystal balls absorb water and hold 100-200 times their volume of water for a long time.
Their are many uses for these crystal balls:-use them to dress up your table features at your wedding, your birthday party, a work function, social event etc.
Each packet (10 grams worth) will absorb at least 1 litre of water and can fill up a vase with approximately 1 litre.
The crystals will expand to approximately 1.0cm in size.
We have many colours available.Please select the colour that you're after. You can most definately mix your colours in your vase.
These beads are environmetally safe and biodegradable.They are insect and odor free.There are no poisonous ingredients or pollution.

Please keep out of reach of children!

HOW TO MAKE THE BEADS EXPAND:Open the packPlace into a vase or dish and add 2 litres of water for every 10 grams that you purchase.Expansion takes between 6 and 8 hours to absorb the water.When finished, please drain out the excess water.
Please note - Due to water dilution, the colour of the beads may fade. Supermarket food dye can be used to create a sharper colour. Simply mix the dye with water and the beads will absorb the water and dye together. You can also play around with the colours to create other colours.

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