4 x Womens Waist Trainer - Underbust Corset Ladies Black Beige Hourglass

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Size: L
Colour: Black
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Womens Corset Waist Trainer
Sexy Waist Trainer. Give yourself a smaller waist!!!
Suitable for:
-fashion lovers
-great for weight gain (to help you lose the gains)
-an upcoming formal event
-do you need to fit into that dress or top?

*Abdomen-waist fat burning and slimming
*Modifies curves to create a perfect and ultimately sexy body
*Steel spiral bonds provide excellent support3 hook and eye columns to close the shaper with the compression that you want.
*Sculpts waist and flattens abs instantly to smooth your curves and adjust perfectly to your body
*Comfort satisfaction

Find your perfect fit! Corsets are sized by the waist measurement - they are all 25cms tall.
SIZE - XS - Extra Small; Corset Waist - 58cms; Your Waist: 56-62cms; AUS Size: 4-6
SIZE - S - Small; Corset Waist - 60cms; Your Waist: 62-69cms; AUS Size: 6-8
SIZE - M - Medium; Corset Waist - 62cms; Your Waist: 69-77cms; AUS Size: 8-10
SIZE - L - Large; Corset Waist - 64cms; Your Waist: 75-82cms; AUS Size: 10-12
SIZE - XL - Extra Large; Corset Waist - 66cms; Your Waist: 82-89cms; AUS Size: 12-14
SIZE - 2XL - Extra, Extra Large; Corset Waist - 68cms; Your Waist: 89-95cms; AUS Size: 14-16
SIZE - 3XL - Extra, Extra, Extra Large; Corset Waist - 70cms; Your Waist: 95-100cms; AUS Size: 16-18

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