500 Pcs X Disposable Clear Poly Gloves Non-Sterile Polyethylene Latex Free

SKU: EG822

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These gloves are suitable for a variety of light tasks that require frequent glove changes. They are Non-Sterile Polyethylene Gloves which are Hygienic and Convenient.

They are used widely in:

-Food Handling in Restaurants, Cafes and Delis.

-Food Preparation and Food Processing.

-Domestic and Commercial Cleaning.

-Beauty, Nails and Hair Salons.


-One Size Fits All.

-Clear/Transparent in Colour

-Loose fit design for easy on and off applications.

-Lightweight, Waterproof and Resitant to oil.

-Ambidextrous for either hand.

Please store in a Ventilated Environment. Avoid Direct Sunlight, heat and Moisture.

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