Arm Sleeve Compression Elbow Support Black White Navy Basketball Golf

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Colour: Black
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1 x Compression Arm Sleeve (this sale is for one sleeve. Please buy multiples if you'd like more than one)

Playing Sport? Protect your elbows
Wear one (or two) of our arm sleeves!
Our comfortable compression arm sleeves protect your arms from injuries. They relieve muscle fatigue and swelling.
Use for sports such as basketball, golf, baseball, cricket, weights, running, cycling, and many other exercise forms.
Wear them alone or under a top.
They are great for aiding performance, post-race recovery and facilitating transition between a swim and a bike race in a triathlon.
Compression clothing help with the performance and recovery in many athletic sports. Compression clothes assist with the added blood flow to key areas in the body. Circulation of blood and reduction of muscle soreness are 2 key benefits. Body temperature is also regulated so that you stay warm in Winter and keep cool in the Summer months. Machine Washable


Our Compression sleeves are tight and stretchy, so please bear that in mind when selecting your size.
These measurements are taken by laying the arm sleeve flat.
Small :
Length: 42.5cms (Stretched Length: 47cms)Narrowest Width: 8cmsWidest Width: 12cms
Length: 43cms (Stretched Length: 48cms)Narrowest Width: 8cmsWidest Width: 12cms
Length: 45cms (Stretched Length: 50cms)Narrowest Width: 8.5cmsWidest Width: 12.5cms
Extra Large (XL)
Length: 46.5cms (Stretched Length: 51cms)Narrowest Width: 9.5cmsWidest Width: 13cms
Extra, Extra Large (2XL)
Length: 47.5cms (Stretched Length: 52cms)Narrowest Width: 10cmsWidest Width: 14.5cms
Extra, Extra, Extra Large (3XL)
Length: 48cms (Stretched Length: 53cms)Narrowest Width: 10cmsWidest Width: 14.5cms

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