Bra Extender 2 3 4 Hooks Clip Black White Nude Beige Womens Maternity Extender

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Colour: 2-Hook - 1 of each colour
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IS YOUR BRA GETTING A BIT TIGHT?? Don't waste your money and buy new ones! Simply use a clip on bra extender!! No sewing is required! Quick, easy, affordable!!!

This bra extender will make your life a bit more comfortable. No more red marks, or tight, itchy unbearable bra straps.

BENEFITS: Quick and easy to use. Use them on the go - no sewing or stitching required. High quality for great comfort.

2 HOOKS EXTENDER: 50 mms x 30 mms 10mm between hooks
3 HOOKS EXTENDER: 55 mms x 50 mms 15mm between hooks
4 HOOKS EXTENDER: 50 mms x 70 mms 10mm between hooks

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