Bride Bridesmaid Gown Robe Satin Dressing Plain Short Kimono Bridal Wedding

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Size: One Size
Colour: Royal Blue
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You are buying a quality robe for the Bride and her girls on her special day. Wear one of these stunning, lightweight and comfy robes whilst getting ready on the big day! You will look great in the pre-wedding photos.
These robes are great to match with all of the bridal party.
Let the Bride-To-Be stand out - select a different colour for the Bride from the rest of her bridal partyORallow each bridesmaid to be unique and choose her own colour robe.

They are 100% Brand New and ready to be worn.Easy to wear. Half Sleeve Length, One Size Fits All (size 6-16). Each robe comes folded in a plastic sleeve. Ironing may be required upon receipt.

Short - Above the Knee Length
One-Size Fits All
Length: approximately 85-90cms, Bust: 120-126cms

High Quality Satin

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