Hens Party Game "Stick The Junk On The Hunk" Fun Hilarious Hen Pin Bride To Be

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Get ready for a hilarious and unforgettable time with our cheeky game, "Stick the Junk on the Hunk" – the ultimate addition to any hen's party! This adult twist on a classic favorite combines laughter and entertainment as players attempt to place various amusing "junk" pieces on a larger-than-life, handsome hunk poster, blindfolded. Watch the bride-to-be and her guests giggle with delight as they try to stick body parts in the right places. It's a naughty and entertaining way to break the ice and create lasting memories at the bachelorette celebration, ensuring a night filled with laughter and good times!

1 x Giant, sexy, colour poster of the Hunk (80.5cms x 55cms), 1 x Willy Eye Mask, 12 x Hilarious Adhesive Willy stickers (all cut out, ready to go)

How To Play:
1. Stick the poster on the wall.
2. Hand out a hilarious willy sticker to each person participating.
3. One-by-one, blindfold the person who's turn it is, and spin them round-and-round.
4. Once you let them go, they are able to "Stick the Junk on the Hunk" without being able to see.

This creates so much fun and laughter, as normally it is very hard to pin-point the 'target' spot to stick it onto.
Each game and it's pieces are 100% brand new, and will come in a plastic sleeve.

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