Leather Ballet Jiffies Lauren Womens Dance Flats Shoes Black Red Camel Tan 5-10

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Size: 5 US
Colour: Black
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We are the only seller of Women's LEATHER Jiffies online.

These shoes have a Leather Upper, Leather Sock and Synthetic Outsole.

They are much more durable than the well-known Jiffies Synthetic Range.

The synthetic range is quite lightweight and are less hard-wearing as they have a soft foam base. 

These jiffies have a heavier, hard-wearing outsole, which, makes them shoes rather than slippers.

Our prices are SO CHEAP.


Detailing: These gorgeous Leather Jiffies have a patent leather section on the front toe section.  They have an elasticised instep making them very easy to slip on and off.

We have another 2 Leather styles in our range. 


Size 5 - 23cms

Size 6 – 23.5cms

Size 7 - 24cms

Size 8 - 25cms

Size 9 - 26cms

Size 10 – 26.5cms



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