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Hens Party Stick the 'Pin the Macho on the Man' Game
Host a great party with this amazingly fun game!
Have some fun on your birthday/at your Hen's night/at your bridal shower/or at an office event with this funny game.
See if you and your friends can pin the 'macho' on the man blindfolded!
This package includes:
1 x Giant, sexy, colour poster of the Macho/hunk (24x36inch),1 x Willy Eye Mask, 12 x Hilarious Adhesive Willy stickers (ready to use)
How to play:
If you've never played 'Pin the Macho on the man' before, here are some simple instructions:
1. Stick the poster on the wall.
2. Hand out a hilarious willy sticker to each person participating.
3. One-by-one, blindfold the person who's turn it is, and spin them round-and-round.
4. Once you let them go, they are to stick the 'macho' on the sticker without being able to see.
This creates so much fun and laughter, as normally it is very hard to pin-point the 'target' spot to stick it onto.
Each game and it's pieces are 100% brand new, and will come in a plastic sleeve.

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