Slimming Tank Top Mens Body Shaper Compression Vest Top Singlet Black White

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Colour: 1 Black + 1 White
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Introducing our Slimming Tank Top – a wardrobe essential that not only enhances your style but also embraces the power of compression to help you achieve a sleeker silhouette effortlessly. Crafted with a blend of high-quality, breathable fabrics, this tank top is designed to provide a snug yet comfortable fit, ensuring you look and feel your best.

  • The secret lies in the innovative compression technology integrated into the fabric, which gently smoothens and tones your midsection, waist, and back. Whether worn discreetly under clothing or as a standalone fashion statement, this slimming tank top offers a discreet and immediate confidence boost.
  • Designed for versatility, it seamlessly transitions from casual outings to formal occasions, making it a wardrobe staple for those seeking both style and support. The tank top's discreet profile allows it to be worn beneath any outfit, providing a subtle contouring effect without sacrificing comfort.
  • Ideal for workouts or daily wear, this slimming tank top promotes better posture and supports your core, making it an excellent addition to your fitness routine. Embrace the confidence that comes with a more streamlined appearance, and make our Slimming Tank Top your go-to choice for looking and feeling your best every day.

[S]Bust:46-92cm/18.11"-36.22", Waist:42-82cm/16.54"-32.28", Length:55cm/21.65"
[M]Bust:56-100cm/22"-39", Waist:50-90cm/19"-35", Length:57cm/22.44"
[L]Bust:64-110cm/25"-43", Waist:60-100cm/23"-39", Length:58cm/22.83"
[XL]Bust:72-122cm/28"-48", Waist:68-116cm/26"-45", Length:60cm/23.62"
[XXL]Bust:80-130cm/31"-51", Waist:78-156cm/30"-61", Length:61cm/24"
Please read measurements above thoroughly to select the size that you require. Items may arrive out of packet however the packet will be included, all items are new this is the best method to get the item to you. 

Nylon Polyester

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