Womens Clip On Hair Bun Donut Extension Piece Wig Scrunchie Black Brown Light

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1 x Womens Hair Bun Wig
Want your hair looking fabulous in a bun? Don't have long enough hair to make your own hair bun?Then we suggest you buy one of these cute hair bun wigs for that night out.
Features:Has a protective hair net that you will take off before wear.You are able to adjust tightness of bun as it has adjustable string inside.You can adjust the look of the bun (stretch it or leave as is) to create the shape you want.Easy to useCan be washed with shampoo and dried naturallyDo not straighten, blow dry or use a curling iron.
Comes in 4 great colours:
BlackVery Dark BrownDark Brown & Light Brown
Approximate Size Measurements:11cms x 9cms x 2-6cms height (height depends on how you use)
Please note that you can stretch out the bun or flatten, depending on the look that you're going for.Also, size measurements above may vary slightly hair buns are not identical.

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